Bits and pieces

Hi again folks. I haven’t been very active here (and on the web in general) and yeah, I’m not sorry for that… sorry for that. 😉
I’ve started playing again (PS4 FTW! Yay!) after pausing for a while and started a major project in completely renovating a nice and comfy flat for myself and my three lovely cats. In fact the latter is what’s keeping me busy these days. When all goes as planned and it’s all done in spring next year I may upload a few photos to a new gallery.
Apart from that I started working as a integrator for embedded software at Diehl Metering GmbH. I love the new challenges and tasks these changes brought to my life.  And cheers to a still Facebook, Twitter and G+-free life!

Getting back to CppUnit – I recently updated my personal feature/cmake branch with a few fixes to the CMake build system (rebasing it on the current master branch and eliminating some build failures of the Qt Testrunner on Windows). I will try and submit them to the official Git repository ASAP.

And now… back to work. Which in this case means extensively gaming Metal Gear Solid V while listening to its amazing soundtrack.

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Bye bye [insert name of “social” network here]

Today I progressed one step further to freedom. Yes, I deleted my Facebook account once and for all. After retreating from Facebook for the first time last year and leaving approx. 135 “friends” behind I really began to feel better. Twitter? What the hell did I need a Twitter account for?? I mean – seriously! I never really used it anyway, so, yes, I sent it to data hell and that’s exactly where it belongs. The same goes for Google+ and all the other useless stuff people and companies only use to spy on others!

So, what did I learn these last months? First of all, it doesn’t matter whether I’m on Facebook or not. It’s overrated as hell and I stay in contact with my real friends anyway (by visiting or phoning them for instance). I do not want to know whether someone “likes” a crappy “Daily Horoscope” or “Made my Day” motto, because most of these are modern spiritual garbage anyway.

Want to contact me? Write me an e-mail. Send a SMS or a message via Telegram. Or just phone me. That’s so much more personal than pretending to be friends on some ad-infested “social” platform.

Post-2014 and Pre-2015 speech

Here we are again – another year is ending. Personally, 2014 was a very turbulent year for me, to say the least. I know in the end that’s not really an excuse for not putting up the Tntnet benchmarks, but I won’t make any promises either anymore, because currently it does not seem that I will put those up anytime soon. So, if you’re really interested in how Tntnet compares against Apache 2, why don’t you find out yourself? Shouldn’t be too hard to set up the required tools (I would suggest starting with looking up the Apache benchmarking tool).

Apart from that I need to say ‘Thank you a thousand times’ to all my friends and my family, who listened to me, supported me and never lost faith in me these days. You are the best people to have around. And I know that I can be quite a nuisance at certain times. 🙂

Okay then, what will 2015 bring? Well, I will try to get my life back on track for once. 2015 will be a year filled with sparkling and exciting changes and challenges. I’m an optimistic guy (I try hard to be at least) and so I still trust in the fact that an honest smile will always be worth so much more than wasting the time with hate, fear or other negative feelings.

And so all there is to say for now is “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone”. Always try to be friendly and love each other.