Welcome back to my updated private website. After years of spending almost no time to these pages, I now finally found some time to get them to a new level.

The first thing you may notice is the WordPress link on these pages – and people already using WordPress may notice that I’m still using the default Twenty Fourteen theme. So, yes, I’ve ported my website to WordPress and stopped telling myself that I will ever create my own Content Management System or Blog Engine. The reasons for this change seems quite obvious: it’s now way easier to add new posts and site management is much more flexible than it could ever have been with the old layout. Apart from that I recently set up another WordPress blog for my sister’s handicraft stuff and was quite impressed with the provided functionality and ease of configuration.

That said, I hope that I will finally be able to post more stuff on this website now. I may still tweak the layout and colors of the Twenty Fourteen theme as time passes by, but this will be done step by step as I find the time to do so.

So, what can you expect in the future? Well, I plan to post personal stuff, of course. But apart from that I also feel ready to post useful tips and tricks related to my passion (and coincidentally the things I do at my work): Software Engineering and Development. Currently I largely work on Embedded Linux platforms using C++ and the Qt libraries, so you may see posts regarding these topics in the near future. Currently this (Blog) site is still rather empty, but I think you’ll have fun with some content that’s already present (especially if you’re interested in gaming you may head over to the Downloads section ASAP 😉 ).

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