No, I’m not dead. So… yes, you’ll get those Tntnet benchmarks eventually. There’s just a bunch of other stuff going on in my life lately and so I did not find time nor motivation to drive this any further. But it seems to get better now (staying positive helps a lot), so – yes, you’ll get those Tntnet benchmarks eventually. It may just take another two to three months. 🙂

On a side note I’m currently working on using the Linux BlueZ 5.x bluetooth stack via its D-Bus API. That’s some highly interesting stuff, even though the BlueZ D-Bus API documentation is vague at best (and I won’t even mention the state of the documentation for the C API). But fighting through all the docs and even the source code of BlueZ itself paid off in the end. The system I’m developing the software for is running quite stable and I’m proud to say that it passed all tests this week. Oh, yes, I did not use the low level D-Bus C API for this task of course. You may take a look at the D-Bus low level API reference documentation for the reason behind this decision. As I definitely did not want to “sign up for some pain”, I decided to use the Qt D-Bus high level bindings for this project. Everyone interested in communicating via D-Bus in their own (C++/Qt) applications really should try these out.

So long and Pong.

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