Bye bye [insert name of “social” network here]

Today I progressed one step further to freedom. Yes, I deleted my Facebook account once and for all. After retreating from Facebook for the first time last year and leaving approx. 135 “friends” behind I really began to feel better. Twitter? What the hell did I need a Twitter account for?? I mean – seriously! I never really used it anyway, so, yes, I sent it to data hell and that’s exactly where it belongs. The same goes for Google+ and all the other useless stuff people and companies only use to spy on others!

So, what did I learn these last months? First of all, it doesn’t matter whether I’m on Facebook or not. It’s overrated as hell and I stay in contact with my real friends anyway (by visiting or phoning them for instance). I do not want to know whether someone “likes” a crappy “Daily Horoscope” or “Made my Day” motto, because most of these are modern spiritual garbage anyway.

Want to contact me? Write me an e-mail. Send a SMS or a message via Telegram. Or just phone me. That’s so much more personal than pretending to be friends on some ad-infested “social” platform.

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