is gone!

As you might have noticed by now (or not) – Papier & Kram is gone. “But whyyyy???”, you ask? Or better yet: WTF is “Papier & Kram”?!?

Papier & Kram was a handcraft blog maintained by my sister and administrated by me (her brother). But as with anything in life: interests shift towards new goals and stuff and so the blog was fading away anyway in the last few months. The reason to completely bury it, however, was when the European Union decided to strengthen the rights of all citizens by enforcing the GPDR (which is quite a good thing, don’t get me wrong!). For my sister it just made no sense in putting energy into something she had no interest in anymore anyway – and so we decided to kill the blog for good.

So, do not wonder why you’re now redirected to my blog – it’s just because does not exist anymore. Sniff. :'(

I do like the new text editor of WordPress. That’s just totally unrelated, but nonetheless quite cool…