About Me


Hello. I am Bernhard Se├čler and I’m 37 years old. Currently I’m employed as software integrator for embedded systems at Diehl Metering GmbH in Ansbach. Before that I worked as a software developer / -architect for four years, mainly dealing with Embedded Linux related stuff.

Chapter 1: Personal matters

  • Height: 1.82 m (at least that’s what my ID card keeps telling me)
  • Eye color: blue-gray
  • Hair color: ordinary street-dog dark-brown

“No decoration, no fuzz.”

Chapter 2: Likey likey

  • IT’ing
  • Listening to good music (a highly subjective matter)
  • Consuming movies ((Home-) Cinema, etc.)
  • Cooking. And consuming the end result.
  • Gaming
  • Doing cool stuff.

Chapter 3: Acoustic and cinematic preferences

  • Can’t nail these ones exactly. Just leave out the ordinary mainstream sh*t. Or not. Sometimes.

Chapter 4: Interactive favorites

  • And then quite some.